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[Podcast] Episode 6: How to find the right senior living community

Starting the conversation about your aging loved one moving into a new environment for additional care can be confusing and emotional for everyone involved. 

When preparing for this possible transition, several factors come into play that could make it easier. In this episode, Kelly Myers, SVP of Sales for Sunrise Senior Living, cuts to the chase on some frequently asked questions and shares important tips to consider as you look into senior living options for your loved one.

Check out the highlights from this episode, and make sure to listen in on the full version here.

What is the difference between a nursing home and assisted living? (1:00) It’s common to wonder about what makes these options different, and realize that they are. The main difference between them are the services and levels of care that they provide.

Nursing homes, more often than not, are used for those in need of a short term stay. For instance, after someone has just had a hospital stay and needs frequent and higher levels of care until they are able to return to their home environment (which in some cases, is their home in assisted living).

Assisted living may be right if they need some help with certain everyday tasks such as getting dressed, bathing, and taking medications. They may also have specific care plans to address the potential for fall risk or poor nutrition.

There is no right or wrong time to make the decision to choose senior living. However, you’ll want to start educating yourself now on the choices available, so you know what to expect if an urgent need arises.

When it comes time to begin the search for your loved one’s new home, there are several important steps to take (5:50) to make the process easier. Start your search early, talk to your physician, and take the time to really think about the best possible option for your family and loved one. Consider using resources such as The Sunrise Care Questionnaire, to learn more about different care levels and which type of care your loved one may need.

This transition to senior living should never be a surprise for someone (8:50) and you mustn’t forget to keep everyone on the same page with the process. Make sure to include everyone, most importantly your loved one, in this process and it will make for a much better understanding and ultimately faster transition. When everyone involved plays a role in the decision making process, there is a minimal chance of disagreements and other issues arising.   

Whether you and your loved one make the decision to move into assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care or any other care situation, remember that they are making this new place their home. (14:10) Be sure to acknowledge that. Bring favorite household items and belongings into their new home, as it will ease the transition and bring comfort.

Selecting the right senior living community doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Educate yourself now on what’s available to help ease the transition for you both. Then you can enjoy all that senior living has to offer!

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