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For Facilities

For Facilities

MD for Seniors is focused on providing high-quality physician services and customer satisfaction to each facility we work with.
We are dedicated to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities all over the DFW area. We have a great team in place and are willing to work with the staff­ to improve care for each and every one of them. Our medical staff offers a unique blend of board-certified and experienced medical professionals that will also visit the facilities multiple times each week.

MD for Seniors understands the multitude of challenges facing nursing and assisted living facilities that range from compliance with complicated new healthcare regulations and cumbersome government oversight, to reducing the amount of hospital and emergency room visits for elderly patients and appropriating the assumption of care for long term care patients.

At MD for Seniors we pride ourselves on our unique ability to consistently and proactively work side by side with each facility we visit in finding real, practical and concrete solutions that meet the needs of both the facility and our patients.

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